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Sleeping like a baby -A pre-parenthood misconception-

I am sure many of you have heard the phrase “slept like a baby.”

Until I had babies I never thought much of this phrase and associated it with the aftermath of a good uninterrupted night but once I became a mother, this phrase totally confused me. Newborn babies usually wake up crying very often during the day and night asking for milk or a change of diaper. Some do that just for their early months and others it takes a long time before they can sleep through the night. The Urban Dictionary defines this phrase as: “To sleep infrequently in short spurts and at the most inconvenient times, followed by a big mess in their pants.” And as comical as it sounds it might be as accurate as can be.

Please don't get me wrong!

Newborns are the most delicious (in a non edible way). Although most times they are alien looking they are fresh smelling and the most snuggly beings. That stage goes by so fast that capturing these short and sweet moments is so important.

If you aren't already a parent or a parent-be, you might look at all those cute sleeping baby pictures and dream about this adorable, angelic, sleepy newborn session to decorate the Nursery walls.

How do we accomplish these beautiful images?

The best time to bring your newborn baby to us is from the moment you take them home till they are about 10-14 days old. At this stage they are still more sleepy and cuddly and can fit into all our cute props.

We create a flexible environment to change, nurse or feed, and relax with your baby. We play classical music and warm temperatures to keep your baby feeling as comfortable as possible.

It is only this way, that we can get your newborn to “sleep like a baby” for all those cute poses.

Afterall, Sleeping like a baby in a Newborn Photography Session is not impossible. Being asleep and moving into different baskets, wraps, outfits and stay asleep for most movements is not an easy task but possible. Post-session some parents even tell me that they wil try to replicate the enviornment at home and see if it will help their baby "sleep like a baby".

Don't forget being a parent is the most rewarding and at the same time difficult job so be easy on yourself and include your face and perfectly imperfect body in the session as well. Those moments with your baby will be something you will want to hold on to forever!


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