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Hello 2018!

Updated: Jan 2, 2018

I have been dreaming of writing a blog since I started this business 4 years ago and while I have attempted to do so many times, my writers block had kicked in and prevented me from sharing all the awesome things I had up my sleeves for you.

2018 is here and more now than ever , I'm ready to come clean. I am ready to expose

the awesomeness,

the scary,

the pretty,

the ugly,

the fun,

the stressful,

the busy,

the mom,

the wife,

the boss,

the woman


Who I am, What I believe in, my business, my life.

Welcome to this journey!

I would love to use this form of communication to write and show you pictures about events I create, Photography I take, designs I make, recipes I develop and anything that inspires me to be who I am.

Living a creative life is so much fun and allows me to develop,style and create amazing things. It also most definitely comes with challenges like perfectionism, some OCD, sleepless nights, constant organizing so that life doesnt become as messy as it sounds.

My goal is to inspire you, work with you and get to know you. Please free to reach out, comment, make suggestions of what you want to see more of or less of. I want this to be a fun journey for all. Hop into this voyage with me and join this 2018 unstoppable me.

I hope you guys enjoy this place and are excited as I am for this extraordinary year at Detalles by M!

While I plan my next blog post, check out an article I wrote about party planning 101 at



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