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February “The Month of Love”

The month full of red hues and hearts everywhere you go is soon approaching. If you haven’t booked a photography session to capture those who mean it all to you now is the perfect time to express it with the four letter word L-O-V-E!

Let’s talk about LOVE.

I am not really a romantic person (My husband can vouch for that) but I definitely value love. What I mean by non-romantic is, I am not into the love cliches that we are brought up to think love is about. They actually make my eyes roll. While I appreciate a love gesture and totally show love in lots of ways, I just don’t know how to say it with words without sounding like those phrases that make me have to possibly go to the ophthalmologist.

Love is one of those things in life that is hard to describe but we can definitely recognize it when we see it. We grow up reading and watching overly romantic love stories which instill unrealistic expectations in our minds. Love comes in many shapes and forms and is expandable to as big as you let it go and although I am beginning to sound cliche let me attempt to explain myself.

Love doesn't come in the shape of a heart or in the color of red roses. It also doesn’t come with a dollar sign or a shiny sparkly ring inside the turquoise box you dreamed about in your teenage years. Love doesn’t have to wait till Valentines Day, Thanksgiving or Mother’s day. Love is work and it takes giving and not expecting anything in return. It definitely is limitless and I ain’t no love expert but I can definitely capture those little sparks of love that shine through candid moments along with your favorite people.

Love is why I do what I do.

Capturing those moments for newly married couples, and new parents sweet and unknown territory is so special and makes me loose my “eye roll” when I see it. But love is not only reserved for those who are just starting. I get to see and capture it in all of the stages in life. Wether it is capturing the moment he “put the ring on it”, your smile

when you looked at your baby and realized there is just so much in you that you never knew existed or in the family photography sessions where you celebrate all those moments you have already experienced and are about to experience in life. I am there for at least a glimpse of it and can give you proof of what that love is.

It makes me so happy when I see clients faces or messages after I deliver the pictures or do an event for them. Genuine happiness shines through as love and that is why it is the least posed pictures that depict the love which I am talking about. Wether it is a couple, family, event or wedding photography session you can hear me tell my clients to just pretend I am not present and have fun, smile and remember why they are there with the ones they love.

So next time you see me, pretend that I am not there (without ignoring me of course) and let me capture the love you have for those around you.

If theres is love, there will be a smile and you won’t even have to “Say Cheese”.



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