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As some of you might know, I have a spunky almost three year old girl. She is the middle child indeed but don't worry her energy and loudness makes sure she is heard miles away and gets plenty of attention. It also happens to be that #Pantone and her were in sync this year when picking their favorite color. She cutely calls it "poopul" and thats all she wants for her Birthday Party this week. That and maybe Elmo or Peppa Pig or Sid the Science Kid but she definitely wants the color Purple.

Being an Event Stylist comes with expectations and of course birthday parties. My kids totally have had very pretty styled birthday parties (if I say so myself).

This one is last year's party which we did jointly with her "twin". One of my good friends happened to go into labor as soon as I texted her I had a baby so we like to refer them as "The Twins" whenever we get a chance. The theme was "In the farm" and it was definitely super cute. Not to be confused with super hard since I tried being a #supermom and pulled it off being 8 months pregnant on moderate bedrest. A party planner as a momma's got to make a styled party for her kid right?

The year before that her older sister wanted a "Barbie Watercolor" party and mama said:

"No problem love"

and "magically" along came...

This year however, I decided we will have parties other than in class with their peers every other year to keep this #workingmom sane. So while my Oldest girl is talking about the #emoji party of her dreams I should start planning 3 months in advance here I am purchasing on #Amazon some purple party supplies for the school soiree.

Cheers To:

Happy children,

Happy mothers,

Happy occassions,

and the color Purple!


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